What is 1800 REPAIRS?

1800 REPAIRS is designed to make it super easy and convenient to find a high quality repairer anywhere in Australia absolutely FREE.

Have you had a small bingle in your car and need urgent assistance from a local smash repairer? Just call 1800 REPAIRS!

The dishwasher breaks down just before a big party and you need it fixed fast? Just visit www.REPAIRS.com.au!

1800 REPAIRS and www.REPAIRS.com.au are your portals to the best repairs people in Australia and unlike other services it is completely free!

Why use 1800 REPAIRS?

Aside from the super simple to use website and phone number, 1800 REPAIRS showcases the best repairers in the country.

We only list one handpicked repairer for each area, meaning that our repairers are committed to your ultimate satisfaction.

What does 1800 REPAIRS cost?

1800 REPAIRS is absolutely free for you to use and source a high quality repairer. There are zero costs.

I am a repairer, how do I become part of 1800 REPAIRS?

Thanks for your interest! 1800 REPAIRS is only available to one repairer per service category in each area and strict application criteria applies.

To find out if you are eligible simply Click Here

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